Villa Description

-Landsize: 2200 sqm
-6 Suites
-Western solid construction
-Established: 2009 
-Selling price: 4.295.000 USD based on Freehold
-Selling price: 1.595.000 USD based on a 23 years Leasehold, no extension.
-Yearly Rent: 130.000 USD per year, exclusive staff and electr. 
-Total build (with extra strong foundation) in sqm: 740 sqm + pool 96 sqm divided into;
. Ground floor incl. staffhouse: 350 sqm
. First floor: 300 sqm
. Second floor: 90 sqm (Suite1 is 45 sqm plus another 45 sqm of seperate storage space)
-185 m long Retaining wall for privacy around the whole property (At the outside; 4,20 m high and at the inside; 2,5 m high)
-Suite 1 -  45 sqm
-Suite 2 -  40 sqm
-Suite 3 -  30 sqm
-Suite 4 -  45 sqm
-Suite 5 -  45 sqm
-Suite 6 -  27 sqm
-Livingroom: 75 sqm
-Kitchen first floor: 22 sqm
-Veranda's / Terraces:
. Ground floor: 65 sqm
. First floor: 65 sqm in black marble, special cut.
. Private Terrace on Second floor: 28 sqm (at Suite 1)
-Pooldecks total: 96 sqm (4 Pooldecks of each 24 sqm, all of Merbau wood)
-Pool: 16 x 6 = 96 sqm
-Pool has a Pure Water Ionisation system for "soft" and clean water.
-Garden has:
. an underground automatic Watersprinkler system,
. an underground Pipeline system for drainage
. underground Gutters along the sides of the retaining wall
-Power - Mains: 25.000 Watt / Back up Generator of 43.000 Watt
-Water: 80 m. deep well, demand pump. Town water coming.
-Underground Water reservoir.
-2 big capacity water Distribution pumps (1 pump for Back up)
-Water is filtered by a Softener Filter and Carbon Filter.
-Water in main Kitchen is extra filtered by a special Reverse Osmose system and is direct drinkable.
-Air Conditioning
. All 6 Suites incl. bathrooms, fully AC
. Livingroom, fully AC
. Main Kitchen, fully AC
. Office, fully AC
. Entrance Hall, fully AC
. in Hallway, pipes and electrical connections are made for AC
-Wifi and 2 Satelite Antennes for TV
-All Suites and Livingroom have TV connections.
-Main Gate has automatic/electric gateopeners with remote controls and a outside keyboard.
-Garage has a automatic/electric big door with remote controls.